Our future will only be healthier if we start being proactive to make it so. Currently, over 80 percent of Americans are nutritionally deficient which means they do not consume enough of the critical nutrients they need to stay healthy.  Lack of essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins are a huge threat to health of our communities.  It significantly increases our risks for the chronic diseases obesity, cancer, diabetes and hypertension.  
Nutrient deficiency isn’t just the result of poor diets. Poor education also plays a big part. For example, our age, physical activity and the medications we take to treat diseases are contributing factors. So, knowing what to eat and routine screening to replace depleted nutrients are critical to offset the effects of nutrient deficiency and enjoy our healthy lives.
Only by adding nutrient screening as part of our healthy lifestyles, can we finally start to reverse the trend of diseases.  It is an answer to the ongoing problem other attempts have failed at - how to reduce the risk of and ultimately eliminate disease.
Our proactive movement is about shining a light on these truths. It’s time we treat our bodies better than we treat our cars.  We need to do the same type of routine testing and maintenance that we do on our cars on our bodies. 
With the help of consumers who share our belief that prevention is better than cure, we hope to create the proactive healthcare consumer -one that is educated, empowered and healthy.
Donations are used to provide health education programs, stay on top of the latest in preventative research,  as well as make nutrient screening more widely available.